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Partial Listing of recent and current Projects

We are very excited about production on our latest documentary project which follows a dozen of the world’s top scuba divers and historians as they plunge 235 feet below the surface of the Atlantic to examine and document the United States’ most famous Civil War ironclad, the USS Monitor.  The wreck lies 16 miles off the Outer Banks of North Carolina and, since 2006, we have been privileged to be among the select few granted brief annual access to this U.S. National Marine Sanctuary. 

In 2008, along with wood samples for NOAA, we came back with hours of HD footage for our documentary about expedition diving and the importance of national marine sanctuaries.  The program is now in post production, and will hit the underwater film festival circuit when finishing funds become available.   For information, go to:

Another of our current projects about scuba divers who are willing to go to the cutting edge of their sport and the skills and discipline required to get them there.   We recently wrapped shooting in Ocala, Florida.   This program is also in post production, and it will nicely compliment the “Return To Monitor” on the film festival circuit. 

For more information on this project, go to:

“Just-A-Bit About” is a documentary series that scratches the surface of scuba diving activities.    This new DVD series focuses primarily on the how's and why's of specific scuba diving activities and/or destinations.

As the desire and need for scuba diving diversity increases, so do the questions about local practices and customs.   This video series looks at the sometimes-subtle differences that make a diving location or activity unique and special (i.e.  wreck diving in the New Jersey is very different from wreck diving in Florida.)

The range and depth of the series is virtually unlimited in that there are as many different types of diving styles and practices as there are diving locations.  Each episode in the series is 40 to 60 minutes in length and is presented as an informational overview of an activity.    In widescreen format and digital stereo, look for these episodes through your local dive shops or online. 

For more information about the series visit:

Beginning in the spring of 2008, we pointed our creative compass in a new direction and dedicated a significant portion of our time and resources toward the creation of two documentary style television series.   Because of the nature of the television industry, we are unable to reveal specifics about these programs at this time; however, we can say we’re looking forward to delivering never-before-seen content that will revolutionize the way sharks are depicted, perceived and understood!

For information about shows that are in development, contact David Ulloa.

Connecting the Dots: Whale Sharks Around the World

Surprisingly, for being the largest fish in the ocean, Whale Sharks are the least understood and, frequently, the most mysterious. To watch a whale shark swim past you opens your heart to understanding just how small we humans are in the scheme of things, and further opens your mind to recognizing how little we really know.

In this documentary, a multinational team comes together from around the globe to share their knowledge and research in order to develop cutting edge methods by which they hope to learn more about this threatened marine species.  In this program, viewers will gain an in-depth look at how science and nature combine to ultimately reveal that whale sharks may just be the key to protecting and preserving our oceans and our planet.



Return To The Monitor

Sub-Aquatic Survivor

Just A Bit About