David Ulloa: Areas of Expertise

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  1. On Screen Talent

  2. Narrator

  3. Producer

  4. Director

  5. Writer

  6. Editor

  7. Unit Production Manager

  8. Stage Manager (Television)

  9. Assistant Director

  10. Director Of Photography

  11. Camera Operator

  12. Aerial and Underwater Camera Operator

  13. Photographer

Positions Held

Name:  David Ulloa
Age: 44
Occupation: Filmmaker & Technical Diver
Born: Dearborn, Michigan
Favorite Vacations: Camping with my Horses & Diving.
Favorite book: “The Secret” 
Favorite movie: The Big Blue
Hobbies: Diving, photography, horses, and astronomy.
Favorite quote: “I would rather attempt something great and fail than attempt nothing and succeed!”




Years of real-world industry experience has allowed David Ulloa to become an expert in many areas of the production process.  The following is a detailed listing of the areas, platforms and equipment in which David is proficient and on which he can consult.

  1. Underwater unit coordination

  2. Underwater communication

  3. Dive safety supervision

  4. Graphic layout and design (Adobe CC)

  5. Website layout and design (Adobe CC)

  1. Voice-over and narration talent

  2. On-line and off-line editing (Adobe CC, Final Cut Pro)

  3. Colorist (Adobe CC, Final Cut Pro)

  4. DVD mastering (Adobe CC, DVD Studio Pro)

  5. Video conversion for internet and online broadcast

  1. Production scheduling (Movie Magic)

  2. Underwater cameraman

  3. Location management

  4. On-screen talent

  5. Camera operator

  6. Location sound

  7. Aerial unit management

  8. Specialty cameras (miniature, unmanned aerial and underwater)

  1. Script breakdown

  2. Budgeting for film or television (Movie Magic Budgeting)

  3. Writing

  4. Location scouting


David Ulloa

PO Box 773600, Ocala, Florida 34477