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What you should know...
Name: David Ulloa
Age: 52
Occupation: Filmmaker & Technical Diver
Born: Dearborn, Michigan
Favorite Vacations: Camping with my Horses & Diving.
Favorite book: “The Secret” 
Favorite movie: The Big Blue
Hobbies: Diving, photography, horses, and astronomy.
Favorite quote: “I would rather attempt something great and fail than attempt nothing and succeed!”
 Work History & Background
Photo by Will Allen © 2007
Photo by Coco © 2007

Tech Diver / Content Producer / Shark Behaviorist. David Ulloa is the president and owner of Valeo Films Inc. (VFI), an independent film and video production company, and the Co-Founder of Trident Global Imaging, LLC.

David's passion for his film and video production work and his performance as an Camera Operator, AD, UPM, Line Producer, Writer, Director and Producer have earned him the respect of his colleagues as well as the industry at large. In addition to his company’s professional activities, David regularly participates in numerous film related events and festivals. David is also very enthusiastic about speaking at conventions, museums, schools, universities, group meetings and dive clubs.

Through Trident Global Imaging, David works to develop compelling visual products that speak to mankind’s fundamental need to explore. His expertise lies in his extensive imaging experience, an understanding of the technology required to reliably capture and deliver virtual tours, and a thorough understanding of the needs of businesses to uniquely engage their customers. Through TGI David is rated by Google as a Trusted Independent Photographer.

As The Shark Whisperer, David works to enlighten and inform audiences about our oceans, the creatures within them and the now widely-recognized realization that we must do everything within our power to safeguard them. A fundamental mission of his is to highlight the plight of the most graceful, intelligent and magnificent of all ocean creatures – the shark – and to propose solutions toward their protection and conservation. He is recognized as The Shark Whisperer because of his ability to effectively communicate with sharks using widely recognized large animal behavior techniques.

David was featured on “The Quest for Sunken Warships,” a series for Discovery Networks’ Military Channel and on the History Channels "MysteryQuest." David has also been published in several global publications.

Production Credits:

  1. BulletThe Hidden Worlds of the National Parks, U. S. National Parks Centennial - 2016 Content Marketing - Underwater Camera for Google Arts & Culture/Google Cultural Institute

  2. Play More Sharks - 2016 Content Marketing - Subject Talent, Underwater Unit for LG USA Mobile Campaign to Tiger Beach

  3. Photo by Dee McHenry © 2007Earley Information Science - 2015 Corporate Vision - Producer, Writer, Director for Earley Information Science

  4. Exploring the Submerged New World - 2013 Documentary - Producer, Writer, Director, Narration for Mercyhurst University

  5. BulletTouched by a Shark - 2012 Documentary for Rette den Hai - Producer, Writer, Director, U/W DP

  6. BulletSeeing the Light - 2011 Greenforce Lights Product Promotional video - Producer Writer - For Kaplan Scuba.

  7. BulletHollis Gear : No Limits - 2011 Hollis Gear Product Promotional Video - Unit Coordinator, .

  8. BulletInspirational Horse: Journal 1 - 2011 Inspirational Education DVD - Producer, Writer, Director - for Aimee Brimhall McCord.

  9. BulletAqualise - 2010 Animated Logo - Producer

  10. BulletWhat is HoozOn - 2009 Corporate Explainer video - Producer, Writer for HoozOn, LLC

  11. BulletMystery Quest Episode 5 “The Lost City of Atlantis” - 2009 Documentary Series U/W Director Of Photography for KPI and History Channel

  12. BulletMystery Quest Episode 2 “The Devil’s Triangle” - 2009 Documentary Series U/W Director Of Photography for KPI and History Channel

  13. BulletReturn To Monitor  - U/W and Surface Expedition Camera, Producer, Writer, Narrator - 2008 Expedition Feature Documentary - UEV

  14. BulletQuest For Sunken Warships “Torpedo Alley” - U/W and Surface Camera, U/W Lighting, Talent (Dive Team), - 2008 Special series for the Military Channel

  15. BulletQuest For Sunken Warships “Truck Lagoon” - U/W and Surface Camera, U/W Lighting, Talent (Dive Team), - 2008 Special series for the Military Channel

  16. BulletQuest For Sunken Warships “Oriskany” - U/W and Surface Camera, U/W Lighting, Talent (Dive Team), - 2008 Special series for the Military Channel

  17. BulletQuest For Sunken Warships “USS Murphy” - U/W and Surface Camera, U/W Lighting, Talent (Dive Team), - 2008 Special series for the Military Channel

  18. BulletHorseman’s Guide to Natural Balance Dentistry  - Producer, Co-Writer, Director - 2007 2 hour Educational DVD - The Tooth Fairy

  19. BulletDressage Naturally - with Karen Rohlf  - Producer, Co-Writer, Director - 2007 Educational DVD - Temenos Fields

  20. BulletJust A Bit About: Diving Florida's Caves  - Producer, Writer, U/W and Surface Camera - 2006 Episode 1 of DVD Series - UEV

  21. BulletWWII Underwater  - U/W Camera, Support Diver - 2006 Documentary for Deep Explorers, Inc.

  22. BulletSub Aquatic Survivor  - Producer, Director U/W and Surface Camera - 2006 Promotional Video - UEV

  23. BulletDressage Naturally - with Karen Rohlf  - Producer, Writer, Director - 2005 Promotional DVD - Temenos Fields

  24. BulletVibromuscular Harmonization Technique  - Producer, Director - 2005 Training DVD - The Equine Touch Inc.

  25. BulletGaited Horses Naturally: Cantering  - Post Production Supervisor - 2005 Training DVD - David Lichman

  26. BulletThe Canine Touch - Producer, Director - 2005 Training Video - The Equine Touch Inc

  27. BulletThe Equine Touch : Levels 1 & 2  - Producer, Director - 2004 Training DVD - The Equine Touch Inc.

  28. BulletOctosagger Product Demo - Producer, Director - 2004 Instructional DVD

  29. BulletThe Advanced Whole Horse Learning Centers  - Producer, Writer, Director - 2004  Promotional DVD

  30. BulletH & R Cedar - Producer, Co-writer, Director, - 2003 Industrial Product and Sales DVD.

  31. BulletNatural Equine Orthodontics  - Producer, Co-Writer, Director - 2003 1 hour Educational DVD - The Tooth Fairy

  32. BulletTRC Ranch - Genuine 007  - Producer, Writer, Director - 2003 Promotional DVD

  33. BulletDeno's Best System  - Producer, Director - 2002 Educational DVD

  34. BulletThe Future of Training with Pat Parelli  - Producer, Director - 2001 One hour commercial video

  35. BulletVan Hargis: Starting On The Trail To Success  - Producer, Director - 2000 Corporate Training Video Series - Van Hargis Horsemanship

  36. Bullet10,000 Feet - The Drilling of a Natural Gas Well  - Producer, Director - 1998 Documentary Feature - VFI

  37. BulletPositive Parenting After Divorce  -  Producer - 1997 corporate video

  38. BulletThe Spirit of Austin -  Line  Producer - 1996 Live Multimedia Presentation

  39. BulletThe Trumpets Of War - Producer - 1995 Documentary Feature

  40. BulletAustin’s Up Late - Stage Manager - 1994 Pilot Talk Show

  41. BulletThe Life You Save - Assistant Director - 1994 Drama Short Film

  42. BulletCigarettes, Vitamins & Borrowed Time - Script Consultant 1994 Comedy Feature Film

  43. BulletMohammed’s Radio - UPM/Assistant Director  - 1994 Comedy Feature Film

1994                PDIC                       Open water certification

2004                TDI                         Ext Range/Deco Procedures

2004                TDI/NACD/NSS        Full Cave Diver (Joe Odom)

2004                IANTD                     Full Trimix (Jim Mims)

2004                SSI                         Dive Control Specialist/Asst Instructor

2006                TDI                         Closed Circuit Rebreather (Dan Crowell)

Currently          EFR                         First Aid / CPR / AED

Currently          DAN                        DAN Preferred Insurance Coverage

Diver Certifications & Affiliations

Photo by Dee McHenry © 2007

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